unboxinging is a project with buildinging.in.

“With Unboxinging, we caricature a common genre of Internet videos. An unboxing video features the ritualized unwrapping and reviewing of an assumedly interesting object. Typically shot in a single take, an unboxing may fetishize packaging as much as the contents of the package. These videos can exist in a place between journalism and exhibitionism and plain bragging.

In each of our videos, the object we are unboxing is unknown to us. We exchange packages frequently and blindly, via e-tailers and the post. This lack of foreknowledge makes us more objective during the unboxing. We open each package according to ourselves, working within and without the codes of the genre.

We are happy to present our videos to date, and will be posting a new one each weekday leading up to December 25th. We hope that you enjoy any of them.”

exhibited at the gallery space http://thegalleryspace.info/.