What Artists Can Learn from YouTube’s ‘Brain Nursery’

Timbrogolem – Sticks and Stones

Visualisation of an artificial intelligences (DCGAN neural network) training progression on ImageNet sets of “sticks” and “stones”. To the tunes of Timbrogolem.

hyper (excerpt)

left to right from the archives. commissioned by Mitch Trale in 2010.

Wiccan ARKit Ritual

INSANE CoD Black Ops 3 Gun Sync [EPIC EDIT] – John Cage (4’33)

The Voices of All Original Pokemon Voicers

Turkeys Walk in Circle Around a Dead Cat / Uplifting and Inspiring Corporate Music / Crying Woman Manic Sound Effect

fuck reality

in this


sound toys

sounds toys project. broken in chrome atm.

Office Space

I got some work via Idle Screenings in Office Space at YBCA. 🙂

it’s taking forever


VR-ready music video app.

treatise with mitch trale back in 2012!

Idle Screenings 2014

Idle Screenings is back in a new format. Larger focus on images and more dynamic content streams!

Website Loading Bars

Website Loading Bars



Datamine Conflux

In this: More info at

Password Hint Ideas

Authentic Password Hints courtesy of Adobe. In response to Password Ideas.

Password Hint Ideas