hyper (excerpt)

left to right

http://likeneveralways.com/lefttoright/ from the archives. commissioned by Mitch Trale in 2010.

Wiccan ARKit Ritual

INSANE CoD Black Ops 3 Gun Sync [EPIC EDIT] – John Cage (4’33)

The Voices of All Original Pokemon Voicers

Turkeys Walk in Circle Around a Dead Cat / Uplifting and Inspiring Corporate Music / Crying Woman Manic Sound Effect

fuck reality

in this http://fuckreality.org/


sound toys

sounds toys project. broken in chrome atm.

Office Space

I got some work via Idle Screenings in Office Space at YBCA. šŸ™‚

it’s taking forever



http://treatise.buildinging.in/ with mitch trale back in 2012!

Idle Screenings 2014

Idle ScreeningsĀ is back inĀ a new format.Ā Larger focus on imagesĀ andĀ more dynamic content streams!

Website Loading Bars

Website Loading Bars



Datamine Conflux

In this: http://neverlandspace.com/exhibition/datamine-conflux. More info at ofluxo.net.

Password Hint Ideas

Authentic Password Hints courtesy of Adobe. In response to Password Ideas.

Password Hint Ideas


Causing Correlation

digital essay up over at O FLUXO.

Coca-Cola 3 – Veni, Vidi, Vici

Veni, Vici, Vici

new release and promo site for coca-cola 3!

jackie chan products

jackie chan product #1


gopro surfing