VR-ready music video app.

Idle Screenings 2014

Idle Screenings is back in a new format. Larger focus on images and more dynamic content streams!

Password Hint Ideas

Authentic Password Hints courtesy of Adobe. In response to Password Ideas.

Password Hint Ideas


idle screenings continues

Idle Screenings is a curatorial project in collaboration with Mitch Trale. Based on a screensaver in conjunction with a content platform it streams works of art to your idle desktop. OSX and Windows installs available. It’s free and stuff. Check it out!

some press:

tower inline

tower inline was a collaboration with and based on an idea by mitch trale, made for the READ/WRITE exhibition. it is a sculptural self-contained internet populated with Markov chain based bots (megahal v0.8) talking with each other (on the towers own microblogging service “etemenanki”), and slowly converging on a lingual singularity of sorts.

if in the vicinity, connect to the towers captive portal and experience the conversation in real time.

shown at the READ/WRITE show at 319 Scholes, NYC, march 17-30.

cShell iphone app

hold cShell up to your ear and experience real-time ocean sound generation (brownian noise).

here’s the .ipa, no app store for now: ​cShell.ipa


unboxinging is a project with

“With Unboxinging, we caricature a common genre of Internet videos. An unboxing video features the ritualized unwrapping and reviewing of an assumedly interesting object. Typically shot in a single take, an unboxing may fetishize packaging as much as the contents of the package. These videos can exist in a place between journalism and exhibitionism and plain bragging.

In each of our videos, the object we are unboxing is unknown to us. We exchange packages frequently and blindly, via e-tailers and the post. This lack of foreknowledge makes us more objective during the unboxing. We open each package according to ourselves, working within and without the codes of the genre.

We are happy to present our videos to date, and will be posting a new one each weekday leading up to December 25th. We hope that you enjoy any of them.”

exhibited at the gallery space


face2face adaption (for GAE) for m.i.a, made w/ ryder ripps!

check it out at:


high five your computer w/ openCV blob detection.



an autonome ball collecting robot built with some AVRs!

facebook intense

try it


ambience avatar

“become via your bluetooth device a character modulated from the exformation present in a room.”

so we had a laptop gathering light, sound, motion data and an ambience was decided from these variables.
this room mood/ambience was then projected on to a present bluetooth device, turning into said character.
it/you get a face and voice (both decided from the room mood) and which then presents itself.
text generator is a tweaked megaHAL (brain consisting of profiles).

with: Tobias Andersson, Simon Frank, Stefan Larsson

scrap collector

the scrap collector bot that has been in the works for ages is finally sort of done.
check it out here:


bot turned off temporarily as my server can’t handle the heat…


i sorted so now your news are all sorted.
it’s ofcourse hard to use a charset that does everyone justice but try to make do.
the news is sorted once every day. link below.


server that this was on is in heaven

clipartmix part 1

a few images made by the clipart mixer script.
an update will occur later (to the script).







nemean lion
arabian nights
hip hop
hat and bag

current events

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server that this was on is in heaven