What Artists Can Learn from YouTube’s ‘Brain Nursery’


fuck reality

in this http://fuckreality.org/

Office Space

I got some work via Idle Screenings in Office Space at YBCA. 🙂

Idle Screenings 2014

Idle Screenings is back in a new format. Larger focus on images and more dynamic content streams!

Datamine Conflux

In this: http://neverlandspace.com/exhibition/datamine-conflux. More info at ofluxo.net.

network/overlapping biennial

just posting some things i’ve been involved in during the last few months:


dvd dead drop

got some stuff in a dvd dead drop dispensing at the museum of the moving image. here is a torrent.

“To celebrate the beginning of their third season, Fach & Asendorf Gallery presents BEST OF, an enormous collection of unreleased and exclusive work by 81 artists from around the world spanning a broad range of formats including applications, videos, and animated GIFs. BEST OF is a whole week of Internet on DVD.

Participating artists: A Bill Miller, Absis Minas, Alan Butler, Alexander Peverett, Alfredo Salazar-Caro, Andrew Benson, Andrew Rosinski, Aoki and Peverett, Art 404, Bea Fremderman, Brandon Blommaert, Carlos Saez, Charles Chalas, Chris Collins, Christian Petersen, Claudia Mate, Clement Valla and Kyle McDonald, Constant Dullaart, curatingyoutube.net, Daniel Leyva, Daniel Rehn, David Kraftsow, Deanna Havas, Dominik Podsiadly, Emilie Gervais, Emilio Gomariz, Fabien Mousse, Ferestec, Florian Kuhlmann, Francoise Gamma, Fritz Laszlo Weber, Georges Jacoty, Goto80, Grace McEvoy, Hugo Scibetta, Jacob Engblom, Jan Robert Leegte, Jasper Elings, Jerome Saint-Clair, JK Keller, Johannes P Osterhoff, Jon Satrom, Jonas Lund, Jonathan Pirnay and Jörn Röder, jonCates, Jordan Tate, Jörg Piringer, Julien A Lacroix, Lorna Mills, Małgosia Woźnica, Manuel Fernández, Mark Beasley, Mark Durkan, Martin Böttger, Matthew Williamson, Max Capacity, Michael Manning, Mitch Trale, Miyö Van Stenis, Nicholas O’Brien, Nicolas Boillot, Nicolas Sassoon, Nik Briz, Niko Princen, Paul Flannery, Philipp Teister, Rajeev Basu, Raphaël Bastide, Rick Silva, Rollin Leonard, Sara Ludy, Sarah Weis, Sebastian Schmieg and Silvio Lorusso, Stefan Riebel, Sterling Crispin, Ted Davis, Theodore Darst, Travis Hallenbeck, Yoshi Sodeoka”

the series

The.Series.2011.IMG.PNG.LNA.COMPLETE.zip from the USB-show some months back!

byob sthlm

byob sthlm

participating in byob sthlm!

30/3/2012 @ under bron, skanstull

idle screenings

last week idle screenings ran, a collaboration with mitch trale.

some press and more info:


USB Show

have some work in a USB Show the 050412 in Paris!

more info here.

junk jet

got some stuff in junk jet Nº5 net.heart! check it out.


got some stuff at megamallchicago.com on the third of september (curated by bea fremderman)! hope to up some photos later.


more pics at kunsthallenew.com.


i have some work featured in a speed show in milan this thursday (may 19th)!
here’s the flyer.


project over at thestate.tumblr.com!


participating in the jstchillin READ/WRITE show at 319 Scholes, NYC, march 17-30.

will be showing, together with Ryder Ripps, an extension of the eternal chill online that was presented last year.

pic update:

.GIF/post internet survival guide

going to have a gif at the .GIF show curated by today and tomorrow, in eindhoven.

also have some work in the book-part of the post internet survival guide!


some work in internet archaeology show in bucharest this thursday.
info here: http://mat3i.tumblr.com/post/1594850775/b-r-o-w-s-i-n-g-an-internet


mitch trale commissioned me and some other cool people to do some work for commissioning.in. check it out! 🙂

net.art pop-up exhibition: SPEED SHOW —> traces

participating in a speed show in bucharest, romania this thursday.
info here!

show details here! (i featured http://face2face.likeneveralways.com).