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tower inline

tower inline was a collaboration with and based on an idea by mitch trale, made for the READ/WRITE exhibition. it is a sculptural self-contained internet populated with Markov chain based bots (megahal v0.8) talking with each other (on the towers own microblogging service “etemenanki”), and slowly converging on a lingual singularity of sorts.

if in the vicinity, connect to the towers captive portal and experience the conversation in real time.

shown at the READ/WRITE show at 319 Scholes, NYC, march 17-30.


participating in the jstchillin READ/WRITE show at 319 Scholes, NYC, march 17-30.

will be showing, together with Ryder Ripps, an extension of the eternal chill online that was presented last year.

pic update:

time o’clock

sound on!


it’s all about the lighting

will most likely look like a traffic accident in IE.


.GIF/post internet survival guide

going to have a gif at the .GIF show curated by today and tomorrow, in eindhoven.

also have some work in the book-part of the post internet survival guide!

cShell iphone app

hold cShell up to your ear and experience real-time ocean sound generation (brownian noise).

here’s the .ipa, no app store for now: ​cShell.ipa


unboxinging is a project with

“With Unboxinging, we caricature a common genre of Internet videos. An unboxing video features the ritualized unwrapping and reviewing of an assumedly interesting object. Typically shot in a single take, an unboxing may fetishize packaging as much as the contents of the package. These videos can exist in a place between journalism and exhibitionism and plain bragging.

In each of our videos, the object we are unboxing is unknown to us. We exchange packages frequently and blindly, via e-tailers and the post. This lack of foreknowledge makes us more objective during the unboxing. We open each package according to ourselves, working within and without the codes of the genre.

We are happy to present our videos to date, and will be posting a new one each weekday leading up to December 25th. We hope that you enjoy any of them.”

exhibited at the gallery space

keepin it real



some assorted work from the last six months or so:





touch the sky


some work in internet archaeology show in bucharest this thursday.
info here:

mitch trale commissioned me and some other cool people to do some work for check it out! 🙂

make the choice



face2face adaption (for GAE) for m.i.a, made w/ ryder ripps!

check it out at: pop-up exhibition: SPEED SHOW —> traces

participating in a speed show in bucharest, romania this thursday.
info here!

show details here! (i featured

charlie parker trance leads

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google intense

as has sort of regressed I decided to put up


good stuff and me at:

today and tomorrow’s 5th birthday SPEED SHOW: Animated GIFS

missed to update, but participated in today and tomorrow’s speed show in berlin, pics/infos here: link

surf eclipse